Musique / Event!


avec Jane Birkin / accompagnée par l’Orchestre Symphonique Confluences dirigé par Philippe Fournier

A tribute like no one dared to imagine. A love meeting between Gainsbourg’s lyrics and Birkin’s voice. The ghosts of the Victoria Hall will remember it forever.

We had to wait (thankfully) for Birkin’s spindly talent to once again see chords stroll around the lyrics of her cabbage-headed man. Shrouded in beautiful grace, this orchestral tribute invites nostalgia but doesn’t let in the tears. A soft breeze steeped in Gainsbourg’s genius and carried by an irresistibly loving voice. From a dozen songs written for her to the legendary “Pull Marine” bequeathed to Adjani, Gainsbourg’s repertoire is offered in a whisper. A unique ingenuousness that only Birkin, with her inimitable British murmur, is capable of rekindling, carried by the benevolent caresses of 48 musicians. A great lady and a tailor-made event for the Victoria Hall, to be kept in your most precious box of memories.

Artistic direction Philippe Lerichomme
Arrangements & Piano Nobuyuki Nakajima