Musique / French Idol

Charlotte Gainsbourg FR

She carries on her frail shoulders the artistic elegance of a wayfaring France. With Rest, Charlotte Gainsbourg declares her intimate yet universal love. A unique event at Antigel.

This is the first time that the breezy-voiced spindly angel has written all her lyrics which she murmurs unwaveringly. The story is brutally commonplace. The loss of a half-sister (photographer Kate Barry) leaving nothingness, an endless black hole, a storm imploding inside her breast. Yet that unconditional love had to run down consenting cheeks some day, finally falling into a notebook that Charlotte Gainsbourg filled in while sheltered between New York’s concrete towers and which resulted in Rest. All of it is in French, well, almost all. Backed by the sober empathy of producer SebastiAn’s machines, she confidently returns with the year’s most poignant album. “Poor transfixed dummy, where did my kiss go when the chest was closed?” On our hearts, Charlotte, where it is welcome to stay.