Sport / bien-être/ balade / performance / champêtre

A Saturday in the countryside + Oriental meal

Paul Grant / Sacha Ruffieux / Hell’s Kitchenette

A friendly and welcoming meal served hand in hand with the Hospice Général, where the word “sharing” takes its full meaning. The asylum seekers from the shelter in Presinge prepare a savoury Eritrean breakfast. A day to tell and hear stories, smile and laugh, and a simple opportunity to spend a delicious moment. And who said it was only about the food? The countryside around the village of Presinge is begging to be explored and this is a great opportunity to take a walk there. Chatting, walking, all this to the rhythm of performances and live music with, among others, master Paul Grant and his fantastic Sitar. Stop at Carrat farm in La Louvière, before going to the shelter for a snack that ends this shared moment of warmth.


  • Zigni de boeuf (ragoût de boeuf), 
  • Tsebhi Bursen (ragoût de lentilles), 
  • Légumes servis avec injera (galette de pâte)
  • Salade
  • Gâteau en dessert