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Egypt, what's up? Islam Chipsy EG/CH


60% of Egypt’s population is under 30 and it is a well-known fact that popular revolution will lift your spirits as well as your eardrums. Actually, it’s the famous Arab Spring that earned Shaabi electro its breakthrough into the mainstream. Youngsters who chanted no in rhythm and returned an informal national holiday feel to their streets. Shaabi electro draws its seep in a chaotic fusion of sounds. Stubborn purist 3Phaz drives the genre into its corner. And it is thanks to the psychedelic trance of Islam Chipsy and the heady basslines of charismatic Rozzma (the little protégé of Acid Arab) that Cairo’s youth now travels to the world’s most prestigious dancefloors. Some friendly advice: Don’t miss the unique experimentations of Swiss sound technicians Michael Anklin and Janiv Oron with incredible Egyptian producer Nur. Let’s go, Cairo!

CROSSROADS est organisé conjointement par la Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia et la Direction du développement et de la coopération (DDC), en collaboration avec les institutions partenaires Kaserne à Bâle, Festival Antigel Genève, et le Centre d'Etudes Africaines de Bâle.

"Masr! Egyptian club night" et "Mzantsi! South African club night" sont des co-productions du festival Antigel Genève, SHAP SHAP et Kaserne Basel, co-curatées avec CUSS et Mahmoud Refat et présentées dans le cadre de CROSSROADS.

Islam Chipsy