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TOM TRAGO (Rush Hour Recordings) + SAN SODA (We Play House) + CROWDPLEASER MAH’MOOD

Classic house and vinyl addicts are expected for this opening night at Grand Central! Some real heavy thuggish sounds pounded by a die-hard cratedigger, nugget finder and house enthusiast: Belgian San Soda, permanent resident and cofounder of the appropriately named label We Play House. Nothing but house, mate, as another enthusiast of the genre, producer, DJ and live performer Tom Trago will further demonstrate. Hyperactive and inexhaustible, the Dutchman will tell anyone who is willing to listen that he couldn’t survive one minute without music, that he depends on it as much as water and air. Get ready for your vital fix on the Grand Central’s dancefloor to revive your ailing body anesthetised by stress and routine. Let’s wake up the dead!