Musique / Folk métallique

Michael Gira US

Metallic folk

When the cult Swans singer (somewhat) settles his industrial fury on an intensely rugged six-string guitar, you just close your eyes and submit to the magic.

Remain focused: There is a thick pedigree here. Considered the spearhead of the 1980s post-punk scene, Michael Gira artfully rattled the eardrums of a whole generation with Swans. A legendary, trailblazing and intense saga, whose volume didn't make for good neighbourly relations, inspired more than one soldier of industrial rock, starting with The Young Gods, who share their name with Gira’s record label (Young God Records). Aged 63, the man who unearthed Devendra Banhart’s psych folk will dust his raspy voice in a swansong that is far from conclusion, and all the better for it.