Musique / Acoustic show

Nostromo-acoustique CH

Nostromo was keen to offer their unique Geneva show to Antigel. An honour worthy of the event especially when the rage of rock metal is delivered in a whisper.

Laying yourself bare is more complicated when you’re in the habit of wearing a legendarily dense sonic spacesuit. If Nostromo’s speed is slowed down a notch, that’s no reason to picture a campfire, a ukulele and three sausages. This is the antechamber of fury, one second before the bang. Tic, toc. The fake silence right before the explosion. The band’s supressed energy, which sounds like it’s about to break free like a scream, shows that Geneva’s metallic artillery is well stocked. A mixture of raw emotion and melodic virtuosity, this acoustic grenade was actually first thrown a few years ago, under the impulse of those who are now at the helm of Antigel. Shush! This is powerful.