Spectacle / Danse / Théâtre / Hybride

David Mambouch & Marion Leclercq FR

Nuaj Live Tribute

Two performers, love at first sight. A man and a woman. She is motionless, he is constantly on the move. Organic symbiosis, like two clouds that cause a flash of lightning.

After Singspiele, produced with Maguy Marin and Benjamin Lebreton (Antigel 2015), David Mambouch pursues his quest for the significant transformations of existence. Along with Marion Leclercq (founder of the band Mütterlein), they have created a duo at the crossroads of performing arts. She is motionless, he is constantly on the move. Their genders mingle and merge. Fourteen authors, each with their own sensitivity, compose a 3- to 6-minute long piece. An exquisite corpse comes together, each author taking up the poem where the other left it, following terms he or she did not determine, towards a conclusion that none can anticipate.

Authors/performers Marion Leclercq, David Mambouch
Guest authors Ulysse Alvarez, Louis Dulac, Laura Frigato, Florence Girardon, Aimée Lügenmund, Maguy Marin, Valérie Marinese, Louise Mariotte, Xavier Mestres, Pierre Pontvianne, Agnès Potié, Philippe Vincent
Stage design Benjamin Lebreton
Sound Rodolphe Moreira
Lights Yoann Tivoli