Spectacle / Objet théâtral dansé non identifié / Comédie musicale

Pierre Rigal FR


An uninhibited show that combines theatre, dance and music around a variation on identity, otherness and truth. A totally wild musical!

What is the “same”? What is “the other”? Here, everything happens at least twice. Yet, with very slight, more or less deliberate discrepancies, nothing is ever exactly the same. Playing on repetition and feelings of déjà vu, the set gradually becomes completely schizophrenic. Eccentric and wild, this experimental musical immerses viewers into a downward spiral in which sounds, movements, lyrics and music clash, inviting us to reflect on identity, transmission and self-evident truths.

Creation Pierre Rigal
Live music MicroRéalité
Featuring Pierre Cartonnet, Mélanie Chartreux, Malik Djoudi, Gwenaël Drapeau, Julien Lepreux, Pierre Rigal, Denis Robert, Juliette Roudet, Crystal Shepherd-Cross
Artistic collaboration Roy Genty
Collaboration for text writing Serge Kribus
Lighting Frédéric Stoll
Sound George Dyson
Rehearsal assistants Christian Vialaret &Cécile Lazerges
Production launch Sophie Schneider, with the assistance of Nathalie Vautrin