Spectacle / Déambulation / Rencontre éclectique / Racine

Maëlle Gross CH/GR

Going where we come from

An audio-guided walk in the welcoming neighbourhood of Les Pâquis, Geneva, featuring contemporary works and eclectic encounters with residents.

A walk, a sound creation and spontaneous visits to the homes of Pâquis residents. Resulting from relational work in the neighbourhood instigated by Swiss artist of Greek origin Maëlle Gross, this performance takes an unusual look at topics such as work, identity, borders and alterity. Viewers are given an audio guide, which takes them through the exhibition. They hear remarkable stories while strolling through the heart of the neighbourhood.

Performative walk designed by Maëlle Gross
Concept Maëlle Gross, Olivia Fahmy et Myrto Katsimicha​​​​​​​
Exhibition curators Olivia Fahmy & Eleni Riga
The project is jointly coordinated by par Marie Jolliet & Maëlle Gross
Sound Composition Simon Acevedo et Maëlle Gross
Mix Christian Pahud