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ETAPP KYLE (Ostgut Ton, Klockworks) + DJ ROLANDO (R3, Underground Resistance) + SOMEWHEN (Ostgut Ton) + LAT

Ostgut Ton returns! For 12 years, the label Ostgut Ton has consistently released raw productions reminiscent of Berlin’s Berghain. Thanks to its acute flair, the label has become the headquarters for the most promising DJs and producers of the moment, starting with Etapp Kyle. A newcomer behind the Berghain’s decks, the young Ukrainian who has settled in Berlin has often been considered as Ben Klock’s protégé. The boy who has honed his skills in Moscow’s ARMA17 has shown an unusual penchant for dark, dynamic and sophisticated sounds and has had the knack for leaving lasting impressions with his remarkable sets. Another Ostgut Ton resident, legendary DJ Rolando is bound to turn a few heads. Since the late 90s and his single “Jaguar”, the Detroit-native producer, now settled in Scotland has become a sacred monster of electronic music. More underground than Jeff Mills, more festive than Mad Mike, Rolando has lost none of his passion throughout the years and his original mission remains the same: Get the crowds dancing. Last but not least, German DJ Somewhen will also be present. Considered one of the main figures of Berlin’s new techno generation, a lover of Depeche Mode and Massive Attack as well as anything that will get Berlin’s dancefloors swarming, Somewhen carves his sets in the future perfect.