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DJ BONE (Subject Detroit) + DJ SKULL (DJAX-UP/ Chicago) + SINS (WF) + OJIÉ (L'Hameçon )

You’ve never set foot in Chicago or Detroit? Rejoice, you lucky bugger: Chicago DJ and producer Ron Maney, aka DJ Skull, and Motor City-resident DJ Bone are coming to you with some simply irresistible sets! DJ Skull’s mum was a gospel singer and his father a DJ and jazz enthusiast, so yeah, the fellow is as good with music as a wizard juggling with amulets. The man responsible for launching record labels Hypnotic Tones in 2004 and Wax Candy Records in 2010 will electrify your spine with mesmerising black soul basslines right off the street. As for DJ Bone, the champion of the underground, if you’re about to encounter him for the first time, you’ll inevitably wonder what planet this guy is from. A DIY enthusiast and 100% underground, he can usually be found in smoked-filled and moist basements. Rampant and fluid, his sets have a knack for insinuating themselves inside places you didn’t even know existed, under the skin, where the brain meets the hips…