Musique / Grand Central / HOUSE / BAR & FOOD TRUCKS


DJ DEEON (Dance Mania, Databass Records) + BAMBOUNOU [50WEAPONS] + DJ LAXXISTE A. (Oram Modular) + WTF (R2L / Bongo Joe)

Chicago-Paris: At the time of writing, thermometers in the Windy City read a painful -19°C. Perceived temperature: -30°C. You’ll understand that to bear such a climate, one has to be a masochist, dead or willing to find sure ways of heating up one’s bones. For lack of knowing how to knit scarves, some turned to music, like DJ Deeon who fell into electronic music like one falls in love, i.e. with no possible return. A pioneer of “Ghetto House” and historical pillar of Dance Mania, he claims that his music is intended for strip-teasers and street urchins. With his label mates DJ Funk, DJ Milton and Paul Johnson, the Chicago native helped build the roots of a new genre of house music, profane, powerful and designed for dancing. Like Daft Punk who shout his name on “Teachers”, come and shout out your love for this godfather of house on the dancefloor of Grand Central. A dancefloor that Parisian Bambounou will heat up with his throbbing experimental garage techno. Hailed by Laurent Garnier who has described him as belonging to the new generation of French techno, Bambounou already has two albums to his name: “Orbiting” (2012) and “Centrum” (2015) released by 50 Weapons. While some of his colleagues are still looking for flourishes and festoons, Bambounou asserts a certain sonic austerity to keep the bare essential of a pounding African percussion, that or the suave grain of a voice pinched from an audiobook of erotic literature. The devil is in the details.