Made in Antigel / architecture / back to school / danse

Archi Trip

For Paul Waltenspühl, a school is also art. ARCHITRIP pays a geometric and dreamy tribute, with dance and light, to the great architect of the Lancy schools.

The school is a unique building, as much in terms of curvy design as daily routine. A place where first pangs of love are etched in the walls and budding hopes in school reports. Architects know this well. In Lancy, Paul Waltenspühl has always invited artists to bring the concrete to life. Antigel has decided to immerse its audience into this elegant seat of knowledge. A dreamlike tribute to Waltenspühl’s pencil stroke delivered by Cie Delgado Fuchs, a brilliant couple of dancers who envision movement as a geometrical gesture. Humorous, derisive and softly mad, ARCHITRIP is an exclusive architectural journey through lights where you’ll have to prick up your ears because schools are also like a satchel full of noisy memories. Silence, the lesson has begun!

Idea Festival Antigel
Scenography Grégory Brunischolz
With Delgado Fuchs