Made in Antigel / Monster truck / cavité

Les foudres du Salève

In a one-of-a-kind artistic tracking shot, several artists breathe life into Geneva’s favourite mountain at the foot of the quarry that has disfigured the stone giant for decades.

What if the mountain could speak? Mt Salève, Geneva’s natural totem, watches in silence over the city with a green and rocky gaze. Sometimes the rock gives way and collapses angrily in a scream. Below, a deep, recognisable scar, like a wound on its surface: the quarry. Day after day, powerful articulated metallic arms greedily nibble on the greyish giant. Indeed, Geneva lives off Mt Salève’s flesh, for the construction of roads and buildings. For Antigel, it is time to let the mountain have its say with an explosive performance, designed like a gigantic sequence shot, where Genevans will get to stand at the mountain’s side and tame the quarry like one passes one’s index finger on a friend’s still-warm scar.

Idea Festival Antigel
Scenography Grégory Brunischolz

Concept et production Festival antigel, Éric Linder

Assistant production Gregory Brunisholz

Régie générale  Gregory Brunisholz

Pyrotechnie Cédric Shaller

Régie lumière Denis Gobin

Régie son Daniel Laurent

Musique Sunfast

Costume Léa Perenau, Anabelle Sixt

Danse Paul Girard, Daniela Zaghini, Margaux Monetti, Aurélien Dougé

Technique Rémi Scotto Di Carlo, Daniel Sahli, Yves Maye, Jimmy Verplancke

Avec la participation de Les caristes de Chavaz, Association Toutes en Moto, Motocross Club «  Les Meyrinos »