Musique / Folk en 16/9

Peter Von Poehl SE

Cinematic folk

He lives in France, has worked on numerous collaborations and composes for films. Every now and then, the Swede looks at himself in the mirror and produces a solo album, and it’s beautiful.

“The Story of the Impossible”. In 2006, the honey-haired Swede began beating with graceful love in the hearts of the general public. A ballad like an ember thrown into a basin of ice and an album that revealed the know-how of a kid who didn’t wait to see his name thrown on a poster to sow his qualities. Protégé of pop dandy Bertrand Burgalat, he has injected his melodious solutions into the discographic flesh of Alain Chamfort and Vincent Delerm, while dedicating half of his folk handicrafts to the film industry. As a solo act he is rare and essential.