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Cindy Van Acker & Christian Lutz CH

Knusa / Insert Coins

Bringing together the choreographer’s intimate solo and the photographer’s politically-aware and melancholy pictures, Knusa / Insert Coins invites us to plunge through the mirror.

This project stems from choreographer Cindy van Acker’s desire to immerse herself in the incisive images of photographer Christian Lutz’s series Insert Coins. Book in hand, movements arise. She hears Mika Vainio’s music. The dancer then literally enters dark and poetic images of Las Vegas that depict lonely souls, spat out of predatory casinos like so many silent crashes. Like the blues, they spread and warn us to straighten out our values.

Insert Coins was published in May 2016 by André Frère Editions.
Choreography and performance Cindy Van Acker
Images Christian Lutz
Music Mika Vainio
Performance production Cie Greffe
Exhibition production Christian Lutz and Images Festival Vevey
In-situ performance in Christian Lutz’s Insert Coins exhibition space.