Spectacle / Rock / Lecture musicale / Légende

Virginie Despentes + Béatrice Dalle + Zëro FR


More than a mere “musical reading”, this extreme experience pushes back the boundaries of voice, words and sound as the notorious Italian film maker used to do in his own time.

Festival Antigel 2017: With her mesmerising tone of voice, Virginie Despentes takes to the stage at Madeleine with her band Zëro to bring Louis Calaferte’s Requiem des Innocents to life.  The author of Vernon Subutex developed a taste for such appearances and toured her striking “Requiem” in various venues and festivals in France and abroad. Now, she has focused her attention on Pasolini’s work, inviting Béatrice Dalle and of course the members of her band Zëro. Together, they reinterpret, with music, the literary work of this subversive and visionary soul in order to rediscover just how much post-war Italy has something to teach us about contemporary society.

A Festival Les Emancipées (Scènes du Golfe de Vannes) & La Maison de la Poésie coproduction