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ANCIENT METHODS (Ancient Methods, aufnahme + wiedergabe/ FO) + PSYK (Non Series / Mote Evolver) + AURORA HALAL (Mutual Dreaming) + STRB (Wed’Techno, CH)

DJ, producer and boss of the Non Series label, Psyk has established himself in style in the world of electronic music by mesmerising clubbers the world over with his cold techno. The Spanish DJ requires no window dressing to touch your heart: His techno is progressive, dark, cold, raw and simply prodigious. Another spearhead on the international scene who has notably worked with Regis, the Ancient Methods project was one of the first to impose heavy and metallic techno at a time when the genre lacked nerve and imagination and when the industrial revival was not yet on the agenda. Now a solo act, the German DJ has created a venous, carnivorous, rumpled and metallic style of techno full of groove and sophistication. Mesmerising and sensual are the words that keep coming back when referring to Aurora Halal’s universe, the DJ, musician and visual artist behind the Brooklyn’s Mutual Dreaming nights. In turn, dark and mellifluous, her DJ sets have the power to transport clubbers light-years away from the dancefloor into a trance-like state. This immensely classy line-up is completed by local DJ STRB who will get you sweating in your T-shirt!

Ancient Methods